These fun and frilly monsters need your help to get to bed! They are afraid of the light and need you to find them. Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek Bedtime is a night time storybook, cuddly plush sleep companion and a shared part of your child's bedtime routine.

Our goal was to take these great characters and develop the book and branding artwork that would at once communicate fun, quality and restfulness. Very important to the project was the development of a simple solution for quickly communicating the Snuggle Monster bedtime routine. To execute this we organized a full day photoshoot with child talent and created endearing photography that visually outlines each step of the process - Read, Find, Sleep!

In addition to the packaging development we also had the pleasure of creating beautiful artwork for the cover and interior pages of the book. As you guide your child through their bedtime routine they are met on each page with fun and adventurous little monsters that need to be found. Each piece of artwork was carefully created to engage the child in the Snuggle Monsters’ game.

We delivered finished packaging artwork and machine cut mockups, beautiful pre-production books, and several marketing pieces including posters and signage.